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Regardless of who you are and where you might be traveling to, dental hygiene is important. This is such a critical element to great first impressions and a composed ensemble that it shouldn’t even be an afterthought to bring the right items along with you. While everyone is likely a regular teeth brusher, flossing is something that often gets kicked to the side in the name of time and energy limitations. With Waterpik products, flossing is something that is convenient, easy and less time consuming. For those that do a good deal of traveling, finding the best portable water flosser should be a priority. There might be dozens of options all claiming to be the best travel water flosser, but only a few can actually wear that crown.

What To Consider About A Waterpik Water Flosser

When you are shopping around for the best waterpik flosser, there are a few common elements that you are going to want to consider. Paying close attention to these areas will ensure that you will not only get a great portable water pick for teeth cleaning, but you will also get a great value. Here are some considerations you should apply to every potential travel water flosser product:


Having features that make the product simpler to use while you are away from home are going to be the foundation of your purchase. Finding the best portable water flosser starts with cordless functionality. This allows you to disconnect from a limiting cord and use your Waterpik product anywhere you go.

Ease of Use

Having a product that is incredibly complicated to use doesn’t make you want to use it. In fact, you might find that the more problematic and the more portable water piks best you, the less likely you are to even bring it along with you in the first place.


No matter how much you might be saving on the cost of the water flosser waterpik, you aren’t going to use it if it isn’t working quite like you thought it would. This is where generic items tend to show the cracks and shortcomings in their designs. To have a truly effective portable water pik experience, it is important to understand the limitations of the product you inevitably choose.


The best travel water flosser isn’t necessarily the most expensive one. You should appreciate a good value when you see one, as the options listed below have high-end features without the exaggerated price tags.

Best Travel Water Flosser Reviews

Traveler™ water flosser WP-300

Features and Benefits

The Waterpik Traveler model is one of the most effective products on the market for flossing. Designed to be compact and very portable. You don’t have to compromise strength and performance to fit into the new, smaller shape. While this stationary unit might not have the portability and freedom you can find with the best cordless Waterpik options later listed. It does have a host of great features that can make this set up much more appealing than the more popular cordless options out there right now.

Smaller Than Ever Before

This new compact design is half the size that older models from Waterpik used to be. Still striving to be the best water flosser out there, Waterpik has given you even more power to go with the reduced framework.

Travel Ready

Since this was a list of the best travel water flosser options, it is only right to talk about the simplicity of travel with this product. The reservoir inverts to allow it to take up even less space than you might have originally thought. Additionally, a convenient travel case allows you to store all of the essential components and accessories in a travel ready container.


Even though it might not be the waterpik cordless plus water flosser wp 450, the accessories that come along with this model cannot be overstated. Dive into having more options to properly clean your teeth with 4 unique tips. Each of these offers a different feel and level of power depending on your individual needs.

Complete Control of Your Floss

Want to have more control over the force that goes into water flossing your teeth? While many of the best cordless water flosser choices out there might have a set power level, this machine has the options for 3 distinct power settings. This puts you more in control than ever before, even with older stationary models.


Powerful and Portable

4 Interchangeable Tips For Optimal Cleaning

Pressure Controls To Make Operation Easy


Bulkier Than Waterpik Cordless Options

Final Verdict

While there is no doubt that the waterpik cordless professional water flosser has a set of skills that can be difficult to match. This stationary machine helps to remove the threat of plaque and gingivitis through a simple, yet effective form of treatment. Being physically able to floss freely without the fear of running your batteries dead ( and having to recharge). It is enough to convince many students and adults that this reservoir-based cleaning instrument is a high value option at a reasonable cost.

Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Rechargeable WP-360W

Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Rechargeable WP-360W

Features and Benefits

There could be many Waterpik water flosser cordless products that claim to have the best features and the right accessories to suit every user. While this cordless rechargeable flosser is among the best that money can buy. There are several aspects that give it the right to claim that title. For starters, you have a lot of customization for a smaller instrument like this, which will give you complete control over the degree of cleanliness your teeth are left with and power in the floss jets themselves.

Two Tips For A Custom Cleaning

For those looking for a powerful stream, you might opt for using the high-pressure jet tip. The other option (the low-pressure tip), is ideal for those that are looking for a little less power or who have several sensitive areas in their teeth that high pressure water can agitate. No matter which side of the fence you land on, or if you plan to regularly use both. Each has its place in proper flossing.

Rechargeable Battery

With all of the equipment and products that you use every day to get ready, why have one more instrument needing an outlet? Take full advantage of the long lasting rechargeable battery included within this waterpik flosser cordless model. Leave it charging during the day while you are out for a powerful and effective stream each evening and morning.

Lightweight and Completely Portable

Never worry about being tethered to the wall again with this convenient cordless design. Now you are going to be able to take your travel water flosser everywhere you go. Never feel uneasy about the condition of your teeth again when you are out and about. Because this convenient, lightweight instrument is small enough to carry even in your handbag.

Travel Ready

Need something that can take any trip you do? This waterpik cordless professional water flosser is just what you are looking for. It can easily fit into any carry on bag that you have, and give you a fresh and deep clean feeling like you just came from getting your teeth professionally cleaned at your dentist’s office.


Easy To Travel With  

Two Tips for Optimal Pressure

Cordless and Lightweight


Only Has 2 Interchangeable Adjustment Tips

Final Verdict

Anyone can claim to have one of the most powerful and most convenient waterpik portable flossing tools on the market. With the Waterpick Waterflosser, you don’t have to wonder if you are getting your money’s worth. With two convenient tips to go from high pressure to low, you can choose the strength that you need to blast away the plaque, buildup, and more.

Waterpik Ultra Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP-450

Features and Benefits

The Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus is one of the hottest sellers from the Waterpik brand, and with good reason. Loaded up with easy to use settings and accessories, your complete cleaning tool is finally here. Lightweight and versatile for even extended trips away from home. This is a rechargeable, cordless flosser with a lot of power to deep clean your mouth. So, what makes the Waterpik Water Flosser Cordless Plus such a wise choice for your ideal travel water flosser?

Perfect For Travel

Never worry about lugging around a big, bulky reservoir again. Now, your waterpik wp 450 can easily fit into any bag you are carrying with you. Or along with your packed toiletry and hygienic items. Plus, with its cordless design, you don’t have to juggle outlets to use all of your essential tools to look your best each day.

Perfect For Travel

Never worry about lugging around a big, bulky reservoir again. Now, your waterpik wp 450 can easily fit into any bag you are carrying with you. Or along with your packed toiletry and hygienic items. Plus, with its cordless design, you don’t have to juggle outlets to use all of your essential tools to look your best each day.

Ergonomic Design

Be confident with the non-slip ergonomic design of this powerful travel water flosser. It will assuredly fit comfortably in the natural contours of your hand, and give you easy access to the control functions on the flosser seamlessly.

Long Lasting battery

Nothing is quite as deflating as a battery that can only stay charged for a matter of minutes. While some of the knock-off products might have this weak battery installed, Waterpik products all come with a powerful and long lasting rechargeable battery. This can be used multiple times between charges, or be quickly charged for full strength pressure in a short amount of time

Water Pressure Control System

Choose between two different water pressure modes for a completely customizable experience. Have senstitive spots in your teeth? Easily shift the water flosser into a low-pressure mode. With an easy control system, you stay in charge


Lightweight and Powerful   

Very Reasonably Priced

Cordless For Complete Portability


Less pressure control settings than the other models

Final Verdict

The WP 450 Waterpik Flosser seen here is an excellent choice for someone who is just starting to get their feet wet with water flossing tools. Its unique design and easy-to-use features will completely compliment the inexperienced flosser. But also feel like a professional tool to those who have been around these products for several years already. Feel the difference for yourself by taking a closer look at this hot selling travel flosser.


There are hundreds of travel water flosser products out there from dozens of brands. But much like the most trusted brands that you have come to know and love in other areas of your hygienic life. Waterpik is sure to leave a uniquely positive impression on you. Having a mouth that’s as clean as coming home from the dentist’s office doesn’t happen without the right kind of equipment. If you want to know which products are going to suit you best, regardless of your age or the condition of your teeth. These are the three options that are sure to never let you down. Take a close look at each of these portable water flosser reviews. As each could be the most ideal travel water flosser that you have been waiting to call your own.

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