Shower oral irrigator

Shower oral irrigator Review

If you are enjoy flossing with Shower Oral Irrigator or if you are new and want to using shower water flosser for teeth you need to understand what is best. To we are going to discuss the best shower oral irrigator in the market .  

ShowerBreeze - Water Jet Dental Irrigator


This simple shower oral irrigator is a must have for people who want to remove plaque and effectively clean their teeth. It sits well with consumers who have used it to improve their dental health with reviews showing that clients did have an improvement in their dental health after using the waterpik flosser.

When compared with other shower oral irrigator this useful gadget scores high in terms of its functionality and ease of use. First, it is easily attached to any shower head and the way it is designed allows it to fit in any standard showers. Some customers have mentioned using it in other parts of the globe. To fit into the shower head it comes with all the needed parts and you do not have to purchase extra parts for this to happen. In case you use a water filter, the shower breeze works on it as well.

Case of Batteries :​

Another great functionality plus is that this dental water pick does not need to you to use batteries or electricity therefore you don’t need to worry about its voltage compatibility like in electronic flossers. It uses the water flow power which gets the job done. It is designed in such a way that you can shower and still use the flosser at the same time. The pressure is easily adjustable using the diverter knob. The valve adjusts the water stream in the irrigator and shower as well.

Usage Materials:​

It is made of durable and strong chrome plated brass. All the parts of the flosser are metal except the hose and the tips which are made of polypropylene and materials that are approved by the National sanitation foundation and even if water doers not completely dry from the hose after using it you do not have to worry about any mold build up and bacterial disease when using this gadget. There are two hose lengths to choose from the 3 ft. hose and the 6 ft. hose and it is straight not coiled.

The comes with two tips with different colors red and blue and a tip holder. This color difference will allow you to know which tip is yours. The tips also means that two people can use the gadget enabling the maintenance of oral hygiene by not sharing the tips. The holder also has space for two more tips although you will have to order more.

Some known issues about the flosser is that since it relies on the water pressure from the shower to give a good floss, a shower head that has low water pressure may render this shower oral irrigator very redundant however if you have a shower head with great water pressure the flosser will prove very powerful.

​Other Features:

Another concern is that it might not turn off completely and though you can use the diverter to divert the flow to the shower and turn it off from the shower sometimes this does not work. You will need to contact oral breeze for a replacement. The company will easily do this quickly.

Reviews ​

All in all this water breeze flosser have received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon reviews and it is not only convenient but easy to use and very popular with consumers. Some customers have also indicated that they have used it to clean their bathrooms Knicks and cricks and their dog so it’s pet friendly.

Pros :

The installation process is very easy

Can get a very powerful stream while flossing

The customer support is excellent.


There is not coupler so you are stuck with whatever position it ends up.

The metal threaded body can not receive a Speakman S-2251

Need to push the handle because it will spin around.

The Showerfloss Shower oral irrigator Review


The ShowerFloss water flosser from shower floss is easy to attach in the shower head and very easy to install. The showerFloss will take less than fifteen minutes to do it and you will not need a plumber to help you. It is convenient as unlike counter top shower flossers it does not take up any space in your shower. It is also not messy as you are already in the shower

Shower floss is also recommended for flushing out plaque and toxic oral bacteria and evidence exists that it does improves dental hygiene. It is an effective cleaner for braces, bridgework and implants, it is also good for massaging your gums. It is FDA accepted and more than 2500 dental offices provide this product to its patients.

The divert valve that comes with the dental shower flosser is used to control temperature and the water pressure making the product convenient to use. Compared to the water breeze flosser, it does not cut alto of water from the shower head. The opening attached to the water supply is smaller and it reduction of the shower water supply is smaller. This means that you can still get an adequate flow of water in your showerhead if you choose to use both the shower head and the flosser. The product does not use any electrical power or batteries so you do not have to worry about battery purchase. It uses the water pressure to work making it easy to use. When you install the product you do not need any other setup or cleanup and you are good to go.

The company Sheer floss the manufacturers of the gadget have made the replacement parts of this product available. The parts can be easily ordered from the company’s website and you do not need to purchase the whole dental flosser when one part fails.

Purchase Condition :​

A few concerns about the product include the fact that leaks around the screw threads are common. To avoid the leaks you can use plumbers tape around the screw heads for six to five times. The manufacturers does not provide the tapes when buying so you will probably have to purchase them on your own. This direction is also not included in the instruction guide and the instruction guide would have been more useful if such tips were provided.

The adapter that comes with the shower pik is plastic and since it is installed very proximally to the shower head, it is bound to fail with time due to the stress that comes in when the shower head is manipulated. The plastic design will also not auger well if you have a well-designed bathroom as it might not be too appropriate a look to the eye compared to the bathroom look.

Other Features:​

Another concern is that since the water pressure from the shower head is minimal, water is not fully diverted to the flosser tube. If you want a lot of pressure for your dentals you might not be able to get it from this flosser or you will have to turn the diverter valve severally to get a full flow in the flosser. Just like its competitors it does not have a pulse knob as its pressure is from the water shower.


The showerFloss shower oral irrigator have received a 4.2 star rating on Amazon reviews showing that it is pretty popular with consumers


Very affordable

Installation process is easy

No batteries needed

Comfortable to floss

No leaks so far

Very well gum line


The design is not good to somebody

The diverter is made entirely by plastic

This product does not fully divert the water from the shower head through the irrigation tube

The H2Oral Irrigator Shower oral irrigator Review


The H2Oral irrigator from health & hygiene Inc. is not only convenient but cheap as well. The flosser can easily be attached to the shower system. You only need to unscrew the shower head, screw the flosser base to the inlet pipe and screw back the shower head. This means it is automatic and does not need charging or the use of batteries. It is energy independent thus it is environmentally friendly.

The water pik flosser comes with four tips that are colored differently making it ideal for a family to use. It also comes with a hanger and a special adhesive tape that allows you to attach the diverter valve when installing it on the shower head. The instructions are also well written and helps you in using the recommended adhesive and channel locks to install it effectively.

​Purchase Condition:

The gadget comes with a controller that can be used to customize the pressure and speed of the water according to your preference. The product is also convenient and easy to use just like the other two, it is easily attached on all the water showers even showers that you have to take off the shower heads to spray. It is said to have very little effect on the water shower pressure which means that even if you are using it you still get ample amount of water pressure on the shower.

It does not take any space in the room or sink. You also do not have to keep filling it with water and or clean different equipment’s that come with sink based flossers. You also do not need to deal with the noise that comes with motor flossers. It is not only environmental friendly but also saves you a lot of time and hassle. The H2Ooral irrigator is a convenient and effective method for healthier dentals. It prevents the buildup of plaque and good particles helping to maintain healthy gums and teeth by use of hydro flossing.

The shower flosser is cheaper compared to other well-known flosser models and if you are just starting out using water flossers then you can start with this one as it is relatively cheaper.

Other Features:​

Another concern is the that the pressure has to be adjusted by unscrewing the control which is at the flow handle this is not a good design as sometimes the control comes out of one’s hand. Some customers complained that the floss pressure was too low and there was no way of increasing it.

Concerns about this flosser include the fact that the quality of the product is not very durable. The plastic used to make the product is malleable and it’s so soft that it needs cross threading. The nibs of the irrigator also break easily and one might have to order new ones earlier than expected. The design of the product is also not very convenient as there is no space to hold and insert the nibs which keep breaking at the tip. You have to hold the tip so as to insert the nibs.


The H20ral irrigator shower oral irrigator has received a 4.3 rating on Amazon customer reviews and this shows it is also popular with the Amazon customers


Installation process is very easy

Saves times

Reasonable price


The H2Oral Irrigator doesn't deliver enough pressure

There is no way to stop the water from shower while flossing

No valve to divert water flow.

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