Hydro floss oral irrigator


Ordinary toothbrushes lack the ability to completely rid the teeth of all the debris, plaque, and minute food particles. That’s because the spaces in between the teeth are ordinarily way too small to allow the large brush bristles to effectively penetrate. That’s why the intervention of a hydro floss oral irrigator is by all means recommended.

For a start, this equipment is basically a home dental device which uses a stream of pulsating water to get rid of the plaque and food debris that is found between the teeth and under the gum line.

Each year sees an influx of newer and better versions of these home dental devices. Consequently, would-be users may often find themselves at crossroads as to which one specifically suits their liking, taste, or preference. That’ why hydro floss oral irrigator reviews of this kind is by all means desirable.

In the review that follows, you will get to know of the top three such devices, their key features, and specification, as well as the major benefits of hydro floss oral irrigator and potential downsides.


Below is top three hydro floss oral irrigator reviews as of the year 2017:

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator


Larger yet portable, this irrigator is a very worthy companion to the ordinary users. It has the ability to discharge its duties very effectively and is also comparatively easier to use. A may be deduced from the review that follows, it is indeed a dental enthusiast’s worthy companion.

Features and Technical Specifications

• Product Dimensions: 11.2 inches long by 11.2 inches wide by 1 inch thick

• Product Weight: 3.1 pounds (1.4 kg)

• Hydro-Magnetic Irrigator

• Pulsating flow

• Contains HydroMagnetics

• Pulsating stream (1,200 pulses per minute)

• Pause-flow button on the handle

• Adjustable pressure

• Maximum pressure at 60 pounds per square inch

• 800 ml measured hydrofloss replacement reservoir

• Pack of four color-coded Jet Tips with holder.

• 30-day money back guarantee

• 1-year limited warranty

• Quality parts and components


• Effective Plaque Remover: It is pretty effective in getting rid of those plaques which ordinary brushing and flossing are unable to remove. It does this while leaving behind almost no harmful chemical as is the case with most toothpaste.

• Unmatched Quality: This home dental device is the most effective of its kind. For this reason, its use bestows certain benefits that may not be realized by using any other similar device. It is thus a very worthy purchase indeed.

• Operational Efficacy: The water flosser carries out its roles of eliminating plaque and other debris from the teeth with maximum efficiency. It is postulated to be twice more effective than other oral irrigators. This stems from its possession of the HydroMagnetics feature.

• Maximum Satisfaction: On the whole, the device is estimated to be 44% - 64% more effective than the non-magnetic oral irrigators. This means its use guarantees maximum satisfaction and is devoid of any unnecessary side effects.

• Amazing Outcomes: The consistent and regular use of this device leaves behind very amazing outcomes indeed. These come in the form of healthier gums, fresh breath, whiter teeth, and brighter smiles. It is, therefore, the ultimate solution to all of the dental related issues.

• Wider Applicability: It is so designed as to operate in all circumstances and teeth conditions. Those with dental implants, braces, and other unique dental problems do not have to worry at all. That’s because this device has the ability to work perfectly well under such conditions without necessarily requiring the removal of such items. It does not also interfere with the functioning of such item as well.


• Limited Reservoir: Its maximum reserve capacity is a paltry 800 ml. This is too small to be effectively reliable in remote locations as well as for use in larger mouths and on tougher stains.

• Limited Power Source: This electric flosser is powered exclusively by mains electricity. Those areas that are detached from the national grid are severely disadvantaged.

• Delicate: Its plastic material construction is not as strong as should be the case. The device is hence prone to the dangers of leakages, damages, and breakages and is hence not so reliable in the long run.


This hydro floss oral irrigator may have several downsides, granted. However, all the factors considered, it is still the device of choice to any person who wishes to enhance his dental health. It is as a matter of fact the best water flosser for braces. Its possession of all the technical feature of the ideal irrigator in one comprehensive and easy to use package makes it all the more desirable.

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator BUNDLED With FREE Pocket SulcaBrush & Pick a Dent


Deep crevices and tiny holes within any two consecutive teeth require an extra powerful flosser. This is the only sure way that the debris or dirt that are trapped therein may be effectively eliminated. Fr this to happen, the flosser has to generate a high pressure of water and also grant the user the freedom to alter the rate of flow. This flosser clearly fits the bill owing to its ability to fulfill this very need.

Features and Technical Specifications

• Weight: Weighs 3.2 pounds (1.45 kg)

• Hydro-Magnetic Irrigator

• Easy accurate delivery

• Especially helpful for cleaning around the crowns, the bridges, and of orthodontic appliances

• Pulsating flow gently


• Effective Controls: The dental device does have a pause-flow button on its handle. This button is pretty effective in regulating the pressure and the rate of the discharge of water. This further grants the users the leeway to effectively determine the pace and by extension the quality of the final outcome.

• Seamless Adjustability: The irrigator’s pressure is adjustable, as has already been stated. For this reason, all kinds of users, ranging from those with extremely sensitive teeth and gums to those that have very strong ones may feel accommodated.

• Utmost Efficiency: With the ability to discharge a stream of jet water with a maximum pressure of 60 pounds per square inch, this irrigator is very efficient. It is capable of getting rid of very tough and stubborn stains with as minimal effort a can be.

• Very Reliable: Unlike ordinary toothbrushes, this irrigator has the ability to reach out to those otherwise hard-to-reach areas. These include the crevices between the teeth, the areas below the gum lines, and the tiny spaces in between any two successive teeth. This makes it all the more reliable for use.

• Maximum Safety: The gingival tissues are generally sensitive and prone to bruises and bloodshed. Luckily, this irrigator is tested and is indeed safe on the gingival tissue as well. This means its use does not have the likelihood of inflicting any damages to these sensitive oral parts at all.

• All-round Applicability: This irrigator works under all circumstances. Regardless of any existing oral conditions, you may be sure that it will perform as per the required expectations. It works well for periodontal pocket, implants, orthodontic appliances, veneers, bleeding gums, crowns, and bridges.


• Pricey: This home dental device costs a fortune and may not be accessed by many deserving persons.

• Complex: Some technical expertise, or at least the mastery of some aspects thereof, is necessary to fully comprehend and operate the device. This requirement may disparage those who lack them.

• Bulky: It is weighty and larger in dimensions. This interferes with the handling and storage requirements of the aid device.


In case you may have too dirty teeth or have deeper cracks and crevices within your dental formula, this flosser is clearly yours for the taking. Its ability to generate higher pressure and be regulated accordingly makes it very handy and suitable for the mitigation of this specific need.

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Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator


Sensitive teeth and gentle gums require an hydro floss oral irrigator that has the ability to generate a moderate pressure of water. This is to spare the gums and the teeth of any damages that may result into the shedding of blood or further injuries. This irrigator is designed and intended to perform this very need and purpose.

Features and Technical Specifications

• Product Dimensions: Measures 8.25 inches long by 4 inches wide by 5 inches high

• Product Weight: Weigh 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg)

• Pulsating stream up to 1,200 pulses per minute

• A pause-flow button

• Adjustable pressure for comfort preference

• Maximum pressure at 60 pounds per-square-inch

• 800 ml measured reservoir

• Twice effective as other oral irrigators

• HydroMagnetics

• Can inhibit the bacteria from sticking to the teeth surface

• 44% more effective than non-magnetic oral irrigators


• Highly Accurate: It is very accurate thanks to its sharp pointed nozzle that directs the jet of water to the precise locale in the mouth. This eliminates all forms of ambiguities and ensures that a thorough job is eventually carried out.

• Gentle on Gums: The stream of water is gentle on the gums. As such, the use of this irrigator does not at all inflict any damages to the gums or cause bleedings. This indeed is the device of choice for those who have sensitive teeth and gums.

• Fast and Efficient: It has the ability to generate a pulsating stream of water of up to 1,200 pulses per minute. This greatly expedites the entire process of getting rid of dirt from the teeth and also enhances the efficiency thereof.


• Very Expensive: Due to its high quality and overall efficacy, this irrigator is, and understandably so, very expensive. Users who lack the necessary financial muscle may not be able to access it.

• High Power Consumption: It requires plenty of electrical energy to power and generates the stream of jet water. This obviously translates into higher utility bills. This may disparage those who are not that much financially endowed.


Those with sensitive teeth and weak gums need not look any further than this irrigator. That’s because as may be deduced from the foregoing hydrofloss review, it does have the entire set of relevant feature that may care effectively for these conditions. It is further more accurate and is as such, all the handier.


The subject matter of the hydro floss oral irrigator is pretty broad. It may not be possible to exhaust it in a single review of this kind. To add to that, it is worth noting that the top three home dental devices identified and reviewed above are not all that are available. In actual sense, there exist plenty of others which may yield the same degree of satisfaction to the users. The list above should, therefore, be used as the starting point for further research and not as the end in and of itself.

In the meantime, why not consider making a purchase of at least one of the best water flossers listed above? Time is really of the essence. That’s because any delays in making such a crucial decision may often lead to a spike in price, drop in value or the onset of obsolescence.

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