Braun Water Flosser

Many benefits arise from using an braun water flosser as compared to using a manual toothbrush, which is the reason most people are opting for these brushes. The only problem most buyers face is that of ensuring that they get an electric toothbrush that will meet their desired results. For this reason, here is a review of Braun water flosser that have the best reviews from previous users. Have a look at it, since these brushes include plenty of features that make them functional and reliable.

Oral-B Pro 3000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush


This Braun water flosser will give you white teeth from the first day of using it. It has a dentist-inspired rounded head that surrounds each tooth. The head features a specialized polishing cup aimed at giving you whiter teeth. Due to its dynamic cleaning action, the Braun electric flosser oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to enable it to remove more plaque as compared to a regular toothbrush.

The Oral B water pick will provide you with three modes of cleaning. A daily clean, gum care, as well as the sensitive mode. With the daily clean, you can be sure to benefit from a comprehensive daily cleaning which operates with a 3D movement. The gum care mode gently stimulates the gums by massaging them. On the other hand, the sensitive mode is ideal for cleaning the sensitive teeth since it operates at a lower speed. Another plus of this Braun Waterpik is the visible pressure sensor. The sensor lights up to alert you when you brush your teeth hard. As such, you can be sure not to damage the areas around the teeth due to applying much pressure.

Use of bluetooth Technology ​

Due to the oral B's Bluetooth technology, you can connect the Oral B Braun water pick with the Oral-B App on your smartphone for a real-time brushing guidance and a daily monitoring. Whats more is that this toothbrush will help you brush for the two minutes recommended by the dentist. This is because of the in-handle timer that buzzes every thirty seconds to let you know that it is time to brush the other quarter of the mouth. This means that you can rest assured to brush your teeth for thirty seconds on each quadrant.


1. In-handle brushing timer to notify when it is time to switch the areas of the brushing

2. Oral-B Bluetooth technology that will let you connect the Braun electric toothbrush to the Oral-B app on your phone

3. A 3-mode toothbrush handle suitable for a daily clean, sensitive mode, and gum care mode.

4. A rounded head that surrounds each tooth

5. A polishing cup on the head for whiter teeth from day one

6. Visible pressor sensor that lights up to notify you when you overbrush

7. Product measurement 7 x 3.9 x 10 inches

8. Product weight 12.2 ounces


♦ The brush operates by oscillating and rotating instead of vibrating.

♦ The visible pressure light is big enough so that you can notice it easily behind the mirror.

♦ It is a high-quality brush.

♦ It has a rechargeable battery.

♦ This oral b pro 3000 quickly syncs with Bluetooth.

♦ It leaves super clean teeth.

♦ It is light.

♦ Oral b pro 3000 holds its charge for a long time


♦ It is not available in a variety of colors.

Electric Toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun


This Braun water flosser is the best choice when you need a Waterpik Braun that will enable you to perform a variety of functions. The toothbrush delivers six modes of cleaning. With it, you can be sure to benefit from a daily clean, deep clean, tongue clean, gum care, sensitive cleaning as well as whitening. The daily clean operates with a 3D movement, for an everyday cleaning. The deep clean aids to extend your brushing time for a comprehensive cleanup. The tongue clean is essential to help eliminate bacteria from the tongue. The gum care incorporates a massage function that stimulates the gums. The sensitive clean, on the other hand, operates at a low speed to gently clean gums and teeth, while the whitening mode alternates the cleaning speed to remove surface stains.

This electric flosser Braun includes several brushes that will aid in the cleaning procedures. It includes a cross-action brush head suitable for removing plaque, a sensitive brush head that helps fight sensitivity, and a prowhite brush head for whiter teeth. While brushing, the cross-action brush head on this toothbrush surrounds all teeth with bristles at an angle of 16-degrees. In addition to this, the brush cleans applying a 3D cleaning action which rotates, oscillates, and pulsates, to ensure a 100% plaque removal. Hence, this assures you of a precise cleanup. With the Oral-B water jet, you can be sure never to brush too hard due to the sophisticated pressure-sensor technology. Once you brush hard, the pressure sensor lights, notifying you of the unsafe brushing. What's more is that the pulsation and oscillation speeds decelerate, thereby protecting you from damaging the gums.

Use of bluetooth Technology ​

The brush features a Bluetooth 4.0 technology that aids in connecting it to the Oral-B app on your smartphone. When you make use of this feature, you can be sure to eliminate more plaque and eliminate the doubt of the cleanliness of your teeth. As such, you can clean your teeth thoroughly and get real-time feedback on your brushing habits. The app also motivates you with valuable oral care tips while it helps you store up to a 6-month record of your brushing data, and monitor your habits on charts and graphs.

With this Braun dental water jet, you can be sure to brush your teeth for the two minutes recommended by dentists. The Oral-B app allows you to set the recommended time for cleaning each quadrant. Even better, it has a smart guide wireless display that acts like a professional to provide guidance. The Waterpik water flosser comes with one premium charger with refill head storage for an easier time charging the battery. It also includes a premium travel case to keep it protected when traveling.


1. A sophisticated pressure sensor that lights up to notify you when over-brushing

2. Six high-performance cleaning modes

3. A rounded CrossAction brush head for precise cleaning

4. Bluetooth compatibility that helps connect to the Oral-B app on your phone

5. A smart guide wireless display that acts like a professional to provide guidance

6. A travel case that protects the brush's vital technology

7. High-tech construction materials including silicon

8. Product measurement 4.7 x 6.6 x 10 inches

9. Product weight 2.6 pounds


♦ Travel case helps keep the Braun Oral-B water jet safe

♦ It reminds you to brush for two minutes

♦ It features many interchangeable heads

♦ Oral b pro 7000 has a visual display that tells you the part of the mouth to brush

♦ It has a visual display that tells you the part of the mouth to brush

♦ It is strong and well built

♦ Oral b pro 7000 has six cleaning modes that leave your mouth perfectly clean


♦ Battery takes a lot of hours to charge fully

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush With Bluetooth Connectivity Powered By Braun


If you are searching for a Braun water flosser that will let you brush in the way your dentist recommends, you will need to consider this electric toothbrush. It features a customizable multi-color SmartRing that provides you with a real-time visual coaching. This feature will direct you on the brushing time as well as the pressure to utilize when brushing. Even better, this water jet flosser features an advanced position technology that lets you see where you are brushing. It pairs with your smartphone so that you can use the facial recognition feature to know where you have brushed. As such, you can adjust your brushing technique so that you can be sure of not missing a spot.

Another plus of the Oral-B water flosser is the six cleaning modes that allow you to brush based on your needs. You can use the daily clean mode for your everyday cleaning, the gum mode to stimulate the gums, the sensitive mode for a gentle cleaning of gums, the whitening mode to remove surface stains, the tongue cleaning mode to clean your tongue or the pro-clean mode for an intense cleaning. The Braun Oral B electric toothbrush will also allow you to clean your teeth for the two minutes recommended by your dentist due to the built-in two-minute timer.

Use of bluetooth Technology ​

With this Waterpik power flosser, you can elevate your cleaning experience with the multi-functional 360-degree SmartRing. It features a light that is visible from every angle while brushing. This ring allows you to see feedback from the pressure sensor so that you can know that you are overbrushing. What's more is that it helps you get feedback from the Bluetooth connection as well as the brush timer. You can program this feature via your Oral-B smartphone so that you can select your favorite color for illumination among the 12 available colors.

The Oral-B floss provides you with a focused care that allows you to implement the recommendations provided by your dentist via the customizable brushing plans. This feature will allow you to follow a pre-programmed method that matches your oral goals. Hence you can rely on it to help fight plaque, get a fresh breath, whiten your teeth and get healthy gums. Whats more is that this Oral B water flosser applies a 3D dynamic movement that will enable the toothbrush to adapt to your teeth and clean with an oscillating, pulsating, and rotating motion to eradicate plaque.

The toothbrush features a rounded head that is designed for a tooth-by-tooth cleaning. It also includes criss-cross bristles set at a 16-degree angle, aimed at providing a deeper reach between the regions of your teeth. Due to the triple pressure sensor, you can be sure to protect your gums from overbrushing. Once you brush hard, the SmartRing illuminates while the pulsations slow down to ensure that you brush safely. The braun water flosser gets its power from an inbuilt lithium battery, and also features a travel case for a safe traveling.


1. A SmartRing that coordinates with pressure sensor and the timer

2. A pressure sensor that protects the gums from overbrushing

3. Advanced position technology that leads you on where to brush

4. Six cleaning modes for a thorough mouthwash

5. Bluetooth connection that will allow syncing of the toothbrush to the Oral-B app on your smartphone

6. 3D dynamic movement for better plaque removal

7. Criss-cross bristles set at 16 degrees for a better plaque removal

8. Product measurement 4 x 9.2 x 10 inches

9. Product weight 13.1 ounces


♦ Battery lasts for long after a full charge

♦ The facial recognition technology allows you to clean all spots

♦ A hard travel case ensures the safety of this item

♦ The pressure detector ensures that you do not hurt the gums

♦ It is reasonably priced

♦ Brush is light and durable

♦ It includes an easy to use selection button to switch different modes


♦ It does not feature a micro USB port


The Braun water flosser  reviewed above will give you the best value for money. They include the features that give healthier gums and teeth, a fresh breath, a bacteria-free tongue, among others. So, be sure to give one of these Braun water flosser irrigators a try and be sure to have made a rightful buy.

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