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Water flossing has become a worldwide habit, and has taken the place of traditional dental floss in many households. Approved by the American Dental Association, in electric flosser vs. floss, water flossing has actually been proven to remove more plaque than regular flossing. Water flossers work by jetting out a small, steady stream of water that provides enough pressure to get between teeth. However, when new technology is out, there is always the issue of choosing which brand is right for each individual. With the most convenient technology being cordless, this article will discuss the best rechargeable water flosser, based on online reviews and overall company rating. If a customer is looking for an electric flossier, extensive research should be done to make sure that they purchase one that is of good quality. Because of the expense involved.

Consumers with braces should be especially interested in best rechargeable water flosser. Because they are a much more convenient way of cleaning around all the small areas where food and bacteria can hide. There's around the brackets, under and between the wires, and the coils are the worst - any number of past meals can be hiding in those metal traps, and a water flosser is a healthy, comfortable way to get them out. If the braces have just been tightened and the user's mouth is sore, the water pressure on the right model can be adjusted to a more soft pulse so that not as much pain is experienced.

Review on the best rechargeable water flosser

There are three best rechargeable water flosser in particular that have been rated the best water flossers of 2018. The opinions for this article were taken from a number of professional associations, polls, and consumer reviews. This means that, while these were not the top three water flossers on everyone's list, they were the best in quality overall once the data had been analyzed. The three flossers are the Waterpik Classic Cordless Professional Water Flosser, the Dentalski Professional Water Flosser the Oral Irrigator (which has interchangeable parts with the Waterpik products, but is a separate company),and Poseidon - a Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator with a High Capacity Water Tank, a product of the ToiletTree company.

Each of these water flosser tools has, in their own categories, received overall good reviews from their customers and consumer reports for being the best water flosser. There are, of course, other cordless water flosser brands available; there are the Panasonic flossers, both with a cord and cordless. There are multiple other electric flossers from the Toiletree and Waterpik brands, and there are even flossers by the same companies that are less expensive, older brands of the same products. However, these three had the top cordless water flosser reviews, and multiple consumer reports have been compiled to make sure that readers have the best resources possible.

Dentalski Professional Water Flosser Oral Irrigator DS-600w


Featuring five mini-jets and the most water pressure settings available out of the three flossers listed here, the Dentalski Professional Water Flosser was also one of the best cordless water flossers of two thousand and seventeen. With a high rating from dentists compared to those of the Waterpik model, Dentalski is the water flosser that is more likely to be used in a professional setting. Many reviews say that it is the best portable water flosser, with its convenient cordless design and recharging capability.

Other Feature:

Prices range from fifty dollars to seventy five dollars, depending on how good of a model a consumer is willing to buy. (The more expensive ones are meant for use by professionals, and aren't necessarily worth spending more money on.) The Dentalski features a one hundred and twenty second long jet with a full tank, which is convenient for professionals or users who want to get their teeth as clean as possible. It gets rid of ninety nine percent of plaque and bacteria, and is also said to be significantly quieter than previous models. While Dentalski is a different company from Waterpik, the parts for the water flossers are interchangeable, which is useful for a household with multiple devices, or for a user that saves the old tank and parts from their former flosser. If a user is looking for a best rechargeable water flosser that has the best reviews from dentists, dental associations, or other experts, that would be the Dentalski.


The clean capacity is very high

It comes with 5 flossing tips

The water pressures have multiple levels

Excellent method of cleaning the gums

It has a decent size reservoir.
It is sufficiently powerful.


The reservoir is difficult to remove

It doesn't hold much water

Sometime Noisy

Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser WP-72


The overall highest rated out of the three, the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser usually averages about $50 per unit, depending on whether or not the buyer needs to worry about shipping or handling. If the user does a little research, however, this unit can be found in many different models with prices as low as $30 or $40. It also has a twin electric toothbrush, designed to work with the design of the water flosser and promote good dental health. With this Waterpik model, the user can experience advanced cordless freedom and a high-quality flossing experience. In reviews of Waterpik flossers, cordless vs. countertop, many customer reviews preferred the former because of the convenience it provided.

Other Feature:

This particular model of the Waterpik cordless water flosser features six different water pressure settings, from a gentle floss for sensitive teeth, to a medium pulse for use every morning or night, to a harder pressure that will get out even the toughest popcorn kernels. The best Waterpik flosser of two thousand and seventeen, this product received an overall rating of nine point three out of ten stars from a compilation of customer reviews. The Waterpik cordless flosser promotes gum health, removes up to ninety nine of plaque, and is approved by the American Dental Association. It also has been rated the best water flosser for braces, as it is essential to cleaning around brackets and underneath wires. Of the three listed above, the Waterpik had the best consumer reports and was rated the overall best water flosser. Other highly-rated Waterpik flossers include the Waterpik Ultra, and the Waterpik Aquarius.


It comes with several different tips that allow for different water streams

It works beautifully

The system is pretty easy to use

The rubber part on the lid which fits into the machine itself is nice and snug


Poor design, excessively noisy​

Take much space

Doesn't come with a lid

Poseidon - Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator


Last but not least in the slightest, the Poseidon Oral Irrigator, which certainly has the most creative name out of the three being discussed in this article. The advertising for this product presents power and strength, like the sea god himself; that is, the product guarantees good water pressure and longevity. This model has the largest water tank out of the three models mentioned above, which means it also has the longest-lasting flossing time. The price for this model is also around fifty dollars, and it is a product of the ToiletTree company.

Other Feature:

This product also has the most adjustments for water pressure, and a variety of different tips with different amounts of jets. This feature is particularly useful for people with braces, since there are so many different sized nooks and crannies to clean in and around. The water tank for this model is easily removable, so it's ideal for washing and refilling. It also features universal voltage for charging purposes, so this model is probably the best out of the three for travel. The consumer reviews for this product overall were still good, but it was the lowest rated of the three. However, every user and every mouth is different, so personal research and consulting one's dentist is also recommended before any use of dental tools that aren't seen as commonplace in every household.


Excellent quality

Very good design,

Amazing battery life,

Nicely contoured

Nicely worked


It doesn't hold enough water

The on off button suddenly stop working


All in all, water flossers are becoming more and more popular among the world of dental health. There are a number of models available; these are only three that are highly rated by dentists and national associations and studies. A best rechargeable water flosser are better than regular dental floss because they do not cause as much harm and strain on the gums, and also are not as likely to carry bacteria. The American Dental Association has proved these facts multiple times, and actually has started recommending that dentists tell their users to use water flossers instead of traditional dental floss.

Water flossers are also ideal for orthodontists and their patients, since braces are so extremely difficult to clean around. Instead of using the irritating, pipe-cleaner-like tools originally handed out when braces are put on, information can be given about best rechargeable water flosser and the different tips that should be used for cleaning around braces. Healthy mouths are important for daily life, both socially and health-wise. People like to eat what they like to eat, so why shouldn't they enjoy it? Users should consult their dentists before using a water flosser if they have sensitive teeth or gums, so that no prior infections are irritated or spread unnecessarily.

There are even some oral irrigators models that feature nasal irrigators, or the option to add a saline solution into the tank instead of normal water for sores in the mouth or nasal cavity. This article aimed to compare and contrast three different best rechargeable water flosser but all have the same goal; to promote good dental health, and good oral health overall, by leaving their users with happy, healthy smiles.

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