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Getting the best electric flosser requires a thorough analysis of the available models. For the newbies, a best electric flosser are dental health devices used for flossing. These devices allow you to use a high powered water stream between your teeth to remove hidden food particles. People with dental braces find it hard to remove the plaque around their teeth.

The device goes a long way to clear all the debris that a regular brush can’t remove. It’s hard to remove the particles using the normal flossing especially if you have a brace or a bridge. These flosers also come handy when traveling give the challenges caused by inconvenient flossing schedules. However, water flosser effectiveness requires you to learn how to use them without splashing water everywhere. Electric Flossers are more effective in removing food stuck between your teeth than string flossers.

They also aid in cleaning along the gums, removing coffee stains and making your mouth fresh. This guide focuses on our top picks according to our best water flosser reviews. It will help you make an informed decision before parting with your hard earned cash.

Best electric flosser 2017

VAVA Water Dental Flosser for Whole Family, Leak-Proof Electric Dental Floss 

VAVA Counter Top Oral Irrigator for Whole Family, Leak-Proof Dental Flosser


  • Can be used by the entire family because of its three jet tips that enable hygienic sharing
  • They don’t leak because f the inbuilt tank
  • Offers you an option of adjusting the water pressure for your convenience
  • Carries large volume of water thereby according to you an opportunity to floss for up to 90 seconds uninterrupted
  • It is durable due to its splash-proof nature and an in-built magnet. The magnet holds the handle in place making it more accessible.
  • The Device is more compact and ideal for travelers because of its dual voltage plug-in
  • It comes with a warranty of 18 months and a one 180 day’s money-back guarantee


  • Does not have a charging feature
  • It only works when plugged into the power outlet
  • Some users complain of a weak water pressure steam
  • Has a poor design which inconveniences users, for example, the location of an eject button closer to the operating button.

Design and Functionality

We rated the VAVA Water Dental Flosser as the best Electric flosser because of its design, convenience and after reading Waterpik reviews by dentists. Other factors include its price and functionality. This dental irrigator has many features including the pressure settings. It comes with ten different pressure settings which you choose by rotating the built-in knob located on the side of the machine. These settings allow you to set the device according to your gums, teeth, and experience. It has a dual feature that allows you to floss between your teeth and then massage your gums. This procedure cleans strengthens and makes your gums and teeth healthy and strong. With the settings, you can adjust the device to up to 110 PSI thereby ensuring thorough flossing.

The on and off switches o this device are located close to each other. This feature elicits different reactions from users as some say it is convenient while others complain. The VAVA Desktop Irrigator comes with three colorful nozzles making it appropriate for family use. The nozzles are distinguishable and interchangeable. This device also has a tongue scraper that prevents bacteria build up and bad oral breath. People with braces and other appliances find this device the best electric flosser for daily use.

This flosser holds more than enough water for thorough dental flossing. Its reservoir carries 600 m of water which is sufficient for use for more than the recommended 60 seconds. (It can accommodate 90 seconds of use). The device comes with a built-in magnet that supports the handle after use. It saves you the time for charging because it runs on AC power.

The Package

TA full package consists of; one Desktop Oral Irrigator, three interchangeable nozzles, on AC adapter and a tongue scraper.


In conclusion, this irrigator comes at an affordable price compared to the many benefits accrued from its use. This reason shows why it is the best electric flosser. You save yourself the endless trips to the dentist for check up and protect your teeth from infection. Your one-time investment makes a great difference in your entire life.

Philips Sonicare Essence+ Gum Health & Airfloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser, Bundle Value Pack, HX8218/02


  • It’s very user-friendly (Function with one button)
  • It’s portable, therefore convenient for travelers
  • It cleans between the spaces and along the gums five times better than a toothbrush. It has an effective technology. (The dynamic Sonicare fluid action)
  • It has an auto-burst feature that cleans the whole mouth within 30 seconds
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery
  • It improves the health of your gums within 14 days
  • It’s more hygienic and less-messy as compared to other flossers.
  • It offers gentle streams for those with sensitive gums
  • It’s easy to clean you back teeth.


  • You cannot replace the rechargeable batteries used with this device
  • It has a small liquid receptacle
  • Takes long for water to build up pressure

Design and Functionality

The Philips Sonicare Essence is an easy-to-use air-flosser that provides a complete oral health overhaul within 2 weeks. This best electric flosser uses water that is propelled by air hence its “Airfloss’ tag. It uses the Sonicare technology to clear the plaque between the teeth using a rapid burst of air and small water droplets. Its compact design enables it to use less water as compared to other models.

This device reduces the amount of plaque on the gum faster than a normal toothbrush. It also helps to prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis. Health experts recommend it for people who want to maintain their oral health and keep their teeth stain-free. The two-week time frame helps you to prevent cavities and improve long-term gum health between your teeth.

This device is ideal for travelers because of its portability. You need to fill its reservoir with water frequently due to its limited water holding capacity. There are primary challenges involved when using this device including spraying lots of water all over your clothes. You need to take the time to get accustomed to its functionality. A single fill will be enough for two flosses once you master the basics. This rechargeable toothbrush uses Sonicare technology that enhances easier cleaning along the gum line and between the teeth.

It is easier to use this machine because unlike others it doesn’t have many operation options. You press the big button on the handle to get bursts of water and air. If you want continuous automatic bursts of air, you must hold the button down. This feature makes it the best electric flosser 2017

However, the device has a separate control for you to choose whether to get sets of single, double or triple bursts. The Philips Sonicare Essence Airfloss has two tips making it appropriate for two users. It comes with a two-minute timer to help you floss within the recommended time. This battery saving feature puts it on the list of best electric flossers on the market today.

This model provides quality service that ensures your teeth are clean and healthy. Although it’s relatively expensive, the cost is worth due to the convenience it brings and the general service. It’s a gentle model that assures you of healthy gums anywhere at all times. It’s best cordless water flosser that saves you the pain of using a tank in your bathroom.

The Package

The full package consists of a rechargeable electric flosser, charger, Sonicare Airfloss handle and nozzle and a gum health brush head.


Wondering why we considered this irrigator as one of the best electric flossers? While a lot can be said about other flossers, the Philips Sonicare Essence flosser boasts of being more user-friendly. It doesn’t require a lot of technological know-how to use this device. It is portable and uses a technology that is gentle on your gum lines and clears all the hidden plaque between your teeth. This simple gadget is worth the investment to those who value their dental health.

Jetpik JP50 Travel-Rechargeable Electric Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator


  • It’s compatible for traveling given its compact design and universal voltage
  • Removes plaque more effectively than other water flossers
  • Suitable for people having dental problems such as arthritis
  • It’s very portable due to its smaller size and use of external reservoir
  • It’s hygienic because you don’t need to attach to a faucet when flossing.


  • It requires regular changing of floss capsules
  • One user complained of not getting the clip at the end of the tube, forcing him to hold the tube by hand.

Design and Functionality

The Jetpik JP50 Travel flosser is the best portable water flosser made by the JetPik Company. It’s an essential water flosser that comes without a toothbrush. It effectively pulsates dental floss and water like other models of the JetPik family. The only difference is that it lacks a toothbrush head.

Research carried out by dental clinicians found out that Jetpik JP50 is the best electric flosser because it removes plaque 240% more efficient than other dental irrigators. This device employs Jetpik’s revolutionary floss technology to clean the debris left on your teeth fast and hassle free. The gadget has a sonic toothbrush function that enables it to vibrate 500 times per second.

It has two speeds and timer that alerts you to floss other parts of the mouth after every two minutes of flossing. It is portable, thus a reason why it’s a favorite for people who love traveling. It’s easy to pack this electric flosser oral b since it takes the size of a small book thereby occupying a small space in your luggage.

The manufacturers pledge a refund after seven days if you don’t achieve stronger gums and healthier teeth. This promise is an assurance of quality. Users rate this device as the top when it comes to removing food particles and other dangerous bacteria from your mouth. It is easy to use the device as it doesn’t have many options. According to water flosser reviews by dentists, this device is stimulating and gentle and makes your mouth fresh and clean.

The product combines the use of mechanical scrubbing and pulsed irrigation which ensures efficient cleaning. You don’t have to worry about the dental braces and other dental works. This best electric flosser cleans thoroughly behind and between braces, bridges, and crowns. The universal voltage feature allows you to use Jetpik JP50 anywhere in the world. It comes with an AC adapter that makes it easy to charge it wherever you go.

The Full Package

The whole package consists of a JP50 power handle, jetpick nozzles, water reservoir cup, cover, and holder. Floss cartridges, USB AC Adapter, Charger base, user manual


JP50 is a quality product worth your cash. Features such as a pulsating dental floss, a toothbrush, and portability make it an ideal product. The product is perfect for travelers and can be used anywhere.


The review on the above oral irrigators considered factors such as features, underlying power, ease of use and price. According to the consumer reports, the best water flosser must balance these features and meet the user’s desires. It makes the difference when analyzing electric flosser vs. floss. The number of times used by an oral irrigator to clean the teeth and gums matters a lot.

Different flossers come with different features, which make them unique and usable. We also considered the price of the product and compared the worth of the irrigators. The ease of use and the intended purpose also matters when buying a flosser. I hope this electric flosser review will help you get the best electric flosser that meets your needs.

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