Best water flosser 2018

Caring for your oral health is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your teeth. It is vital to brush and floss regularly to remove cavity causing agents. Using a best water flosser can help to remove particles of food as well as plaque that has lodged in between your teeth. It can also help remove particles from the outer surface of the teeth. We're reviewing the top five products to assist you in finding the best water flosser to suit your dental hygiene needs and preferences .

How does a water flosser work?

This unit relies on water to safely and gently remove stubborn particles on and in between the teeth. A stream of water shoots from the water flosser, also known as a water pick, and irrigates food and plaque away from the teeth. When the device is aimed at the gumline it is the most effective.

Variety of choices

There are several brands and types of water flossers to choose from. We have chosen a selection of six of the top brands and models for your consideration. Each is different and has its own set of unique pros and cons as described by users who have actually purchased, used and rated the product. You'll find complete information about each that will help you to decide which would be the best water flosser for you .

1. Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Pearly White, WP-660

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, WP-660

Description :

If you are trying to improve your or your children’s checkup take a look at the Waterpik reviews by dentists, the ADA has given the Aquarius water flosser its seal of approval. If you read further in their Waterpik Aquarius review, you will see that this Waterpik water flosser will not only beat out brushing and be flossing the old fashioned way by an overwhelming margin.

​However, it will ensure better checkups with only 1-2 minutes of use a day. You get 7 tips along with a storage case to go along with it. This is the Pearly White designer model. But, you can get one in 3 other styles as well to match your bathroom’s decorum. Now you can have brighter teeth and healthier gums in just 90 seconds of flossing with this machine every day.




  • I read all the Waterpik reviews and new this was the model I needed for my home. I have a husband, two boys, and a girl. So, we all have a tip of our own with a couple left over for guests and visiting family members
  • A newer updated version of my 10-year old Waterpik I put out to pasture. The new one has a massage feature, and you can hide a couple of tips under the tank. But, underneath the new finish, it is almost the same Waterpik I have used for years.
  • Works Great
  • Saves time and no string to cut your gums with


  • The water pressure seems lower than my old Waterpik
  • I wish I had bought the black instead of the one we ended up with

 More effective

This is the perfact waterpik and more effective way to floss. The new conpact and contemproray design make this best water flosser more effective.

Tested and trusted 

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser become the first waterpik in its class accepted by Anerican Dental Association ADA. So this waterpik is the first recommendation by ay dentist.

Superior oral irrigator technology

Since this waterpik made by a superior oral irrigatpor technology so it can clean plaque from deep between teeth.


This is the perfect replacement for your older Waterpik. It has the same features you are used to, and it comes in new designer motifs so that it blends into your bathroom’s color scheme. WP-670 has a redesigned tank and now will also give you a gum massage to stimulate them. It still cuts down on your dental bills with regular use, and now it is lighter and more streamlined as well. It is still a bargain and does the job of flossing your teeth right. I think the review of this Aquarius Waterpik may be the best water flosser review to buy for you.

2. Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care 7.0 Water Flosser and Sonic Tooth Brush

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900


The Complete Care 7.0 by Waterpik is a combination sonic toothbrush and water flosser together. The latest technologies in oral hygiene are built into the design to deliver one device for brushing and flossing teeth adding convenience. The Complete Care is the best Waterpik for braces because it uses a powerful stream of water that increases water flosser effectiveness. This makes the Complete Care 7.0 the best floss for braces alternative.



  • The Waterpik Complete Care 7.0 is the best water flosser for braces and the best water pick for teeth as well.
  • It is gentle enough to use with crowns, bridges and other dental work. While some users were disappointed with the battery run time.
  • The majority give it high marks for having superior battery strength when compared with other popular brands making it one of the best electric flossers. Another advantage is that this model among the best oral irrigator group is best priced. 
  • Some users remarked that the tips have a tendency to pop off of the device occasionally during use.
  • The unit is a little noisy, but nothing that is too loud to handle.
  • Another complaint is that the battery life in the sonic toothbrush is on the low side.
  • Recommended improvements are to design this product to be quieter, make the tips more secure and use a battery that lasts longer.

Effective removal of plaque

This product has been clinically tested and proven to remove up to 99.9 percent of plaque from the treated areas when used as directed. Harmful bacteria that has the potential to cause tooth decay and gum disease are quickly and easily removed.

Spacious reservoir

The reservoir holds a high volume of water for up to ninety second of uninterrupted water streaming. This allows a generous supply of water for stop and go flossing without the need to stop and refill the water reservoir


The Waterpik Complete Care 7.0 doubles as a combination sonic toothbrush and water flosser. In addition, it is designed with ten pressure settings that range from low to high power. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the water stream for comfort and effectiveness control at your fingertips. This device also comes with five different water flossing tips along with four brush heads and two separate brush heads for the sonic toothbrush. A tip storage The two in one action is a time-saving feature added for your convenience. You can also add mouthwash to the reservoir or warm water for sensitive teeth.

Healthy alternative to traditional floss

Flossing can lead to damage of delicate gum tissue if not done properly. The Waterpik Complete Care 7.0 water flosser removes the threat of gum damage. Adjustable water streaming puts you in total control of the amount of pressure that is delivered.

User friendly

This unit is easy to use. It requires one electrical outlet to power the unit and filling the reservoir with clean water. Simply aim the tip towards the gumline and begin flossing. In case you experience any problems with this product, it comes with a two year warranty and a guarantee of results in fourteen days.


The Complete Care 7.0 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush is a popular product that received high marks from customers that rate it at a  very high rate out of a possible 5 stars. They recommend it as the best water flosser for use with braces, implants, bridges or other dental work. The high consumer rating lands this product in the top five of the best water flosser 2018 class.

3 .Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Pearly Black, WP-672

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Brilliant Black, WP-672

Description :

​The Aquarius Professional Water Flosser by Waterpik offers advanced technology for ease of use and the effective removal of plaque and food particles from teeth. The American Dental Association has accepted this product because of its ability to clean between teeth reaching the difficult to reach areas below the gumline. A blend of water pulsations and pressure are what make this the water flosser best for people with implants and other dental work. It gets into the hard to reach areas where traditional and flossing techniques can’t.​



  • Customers who purchased this unit give it a high rating.
  • It gently yet thoroughly cleans teeth and stimulates gum tissue for better gum health.
  • It is the best electric flosser for plaque removal.
  • This model works better than string floss for people who have teeth that are close together.
  • The string can be difficult to get in between them but the water stream gets into tight places with greater ease and less discomfort.
  • The attached water hose is convenient because it has a recoiling action for more compact storage. The removable water reservoir is easy to take out, fill and replace. 
  • Some users report that the tips must be firmly locked into place before use.
  • There is a tendency for them to be difficult to lock in and they spin in the wrong direction.
  • This device is noisy when in use.

Improves gum health

The Aquarius Professional is the best Water Pik for stimulating delicate tissue for healthier gums. People with implants require special gum care and this model has been shown to have twice the effectiveness in promoting gum health when compared to traditional dental floss.

Two operating modes

This device features a floss mode for removing plaque and a hydro pulse massage mode for improving gum circulation by massaging the gums. You get both functions in one unit for effective plaque removal of up to 99.9 percent.

Compact water flossing

The design of the Aquarius Water Flosser makes it a compact unit that takes up little counter space. It is the best Water pick for small spaces.

Other features

The Aquarius Professional comes with seven different water flosser tips and a chart to determine which tip is the best for you. An and off switch located on the handle gives you total control over the water stream with ten settings which range from low to high. The thirty-second pacer and one-minute timer give you the tools to ensure that gums and teeth are thoroughly flossed.


​The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser is the best water flosser for improving gum health while cleaning plaque and food particles from between the teeth. The unique design of this product creates a system that allows for switching between constant water streams and pulsations for maximum effectiveness. This flosser is compact and doesn’t take up much space in the bathroom. It is both easy and comfortable to use and comes highly recommended by users who give it far above average ratings. With the exception of a few consumers who had difficulty locking the tips in place and those who were unhappy with the noise level, the consensus is that this is one of the best water flossers for 2018.

4. Waterpik WP-100W White Ultra Water Flosser, 1 Each

Waterpik WP-100W White Ultra Water Flosser, 1 Each

Description :

​Waterpik WP-100W White Ultra Water Flosser, 1 Each is more effective than string floss. Clinically proven to reduce plaque and recommended by the American Dental Association for lowering the risk of gum disease and gingivitis. This unit is an excellent choice for people who have bridges, crowns, veneers, braces or implants. It is the best compact water flosser with clinically proven results.



  • One of the most attractive features of the unit is its small size and when you combine this with the quieter operation, you have a winning product.
  • It leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh.
  • It easily removes plaque and food particles from hard to access areas and is clinically proven to reduce the development of cavities and gum disease.
  • The low price makes this the best compact Waterpik water flosser.
  • It is superior to traditional string flossing for anyone who has bridges, veneers, dental implants or braces.
  • There is no string to get caught up and the pressure control lets you take it easier on dental work or gum areas that are sensitive.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Simply fill the reservoir with water, plug it into an electrical outlet, aim the device at the gumline and floss your teeth with water.
  • This product comes with a three-year warranty and a 14-day guarantee for satisfaction.
  • This water flosser is for use in North America only.
  • This means that it cannot be taken along when taking trips outside of the continent.
  • Although it operates more quietly than most other water flossers, some users report that the unit vibrates.
  • Another reported drawback is that all moisture must be removed when not in use.
  • When used in warm and humid climates there is a tendency for the water left inside to mold if left for a few days.

Compact size

This unit design is small so it won’t take up much counter space. The unique build makes it easy to store when not in use. In addition, it is an attractive model that will fit in with most bathroom decorating schemes.

Adjustable pressure settings

The WP-100W has ten pressure settings. This allows you to choose the intensity of the water stream. You’ll have enough pressure to thoroughly remove plaque and food particles from in between teeth, but the control at your fingertips to lower the pressure in more sensitive areas. Easily access the hard to reach spots for a thorough cleansing in tight places.

Low noise

A common complaint with water flossers is the noise factor. This model has been engineered to deliver full service with lower noise levels. Now you can floss your teeth without waking up the entire house. This is the best Waterpik flosser for those who prefer quiet operation.

Effective plaque removal

This product has been rated with a plaque removal of up to 99.9 percent when used as directed. This helps to lower incidences of gum disease, gingivitis and the development of cavities in between teeth. It is powerful enough to remove plaque buildups below the gumline.

360 degree tip rotation

This unique feature allows you to manipulate this device in order to get the best possible results. Now you can thoroughly remove plaque and food particles from any angle, especially the hard to reach areas in the back and inside locations.

Other features

This model comes with six assorted tips for maximum effectiveness. This gives you a choice for getting the best results for your jaw and tooth structure. The reservoir will hold enough water for more than ninety seconds of continuous streaming. The pause button which is located on the handle gives you control over when you stream the water. This reduces the need for refilling the reservoir to finish flossing your teeth. The covered reservoir has a built in storage area for additional tips. 


​The Waterpik WP-100W is the most compact model that Waterpik has developed. It has some great new features including lower noise generation and a smaller size. The Waterpik WP-100W still has the power and setting controls to effectively remove plaque and food debris from in between teeth and below the gumline. It is recognized by the American Dental Association and has been clinically proven to improve gum health and freshen breath. Customers who purchased and used this unit have given it well above average marks for the useful features and its effectiveness. This product is the perfect choice for people who live in apartments or other small areas because the compact size takes up very little counter space.

5. VAVA Counter Top Oral Irrigator for Whole Family, Leak-Proof Dental Flosser

VAVA Counter Top Oral Irrigator for Whole Family, Leak-Proof Dental Flosser


​The VAVA Counter Top Oral Irrigator is designed for improving the oral health of the entire family. It is designed to accommodate the individual flossing needs of everyone in the house of all ages. With built in safety features, adjustable water pressure and a leak proof design, this is the best water flosser for family use. The addition of the extra tongue scraper is a plus for preventing the buildup of bacteria that can lead to bad breath. Improve the dental health and breath quality of everyone in the household.



  • The VAVA has a powerful water stream and it cleans in between teeth fast.
  • It is compact and good looking with a quieter operation than Waterpik machines.
  • The water pressure is amazing and it does a thorough job. Much better than using string floss because it is gentler on gums and dental work.
  • This device comes highly recommended by people who purchased, used and gave it a perfect rating.
  • This amazing water flosser conserves water use with 30 and 60 second delays which are perfect when switching from onen arch to another. It automatically turns off after two minutes of inactivity.
  • The cost of the Price is very reasonable.
  • This is the best dental water pick if you are looking for a water jet teeth cleaner as an alternative to string dental floss.
  • One user reported that the water stream is too large when compared to the way that the Waterpik units work.
  • This was the only negative comment that has been reported with the use of the VAVA water flossing system.

Interchangeable nozzles

We all have different needs when it comes to flossing. Not everyone has the same jawbone and tooth placement structure. Some people have spacing between their teeth while others have more compacted and closely fitting teeth. This can make it more difficult to reach the areas and special angles may be required to get the best results. This unit comes with three separate interchangeable nozzles for easy switching from one person to another. It won’t be difficult to remember which nozzle works best for you because they are color coded for fast and easy distinction. This is the best oral irrigator for family use.

Tongue scraper

The majority of oral irrigators do not come with a tongue scraper. VAVA included this item because of its effectiveness in removing bacteria causing agents from the tongue as a part of the mouth cleansing process. Less bacteria in the mouth decreases the risk of developing hallotosis (bad breath), gingivitis and other gum diseases. The tongue scraper improves oral hygiene by reducing the amount of bacteria that is left over.

Leak Proofing

The water reservoirs of most other water flossers must be completely emptied to prevent water leakage. This is not the case with this unit. VAVA has designed it to be leak-proof thanks to the integration of a valve that seals the tank securely. This also adds a safety feature which guards against accidental splashing with water. It comes with an IPX6 rating so it is safe for the children to use as well as for adults. This adds convenience because you won’t need to bother with emptying the reservoir every time you use the device.

Control over water pressure

A pressure setting knb is built into the handle of this device. It allows you to choose froom ten pressure settings for total control over the intensity of the water stream that is used. Lower the pressure for easy to reach or sensitive areas. Turn the pressure up for hard to reach spots or stubborn food particles. The knob is also used for turning the device on and off. You have the convenience of generating water streams of up to 110 PSI for maximum power.

High capacity water reservoir

This device can hold up to six hundred ML of water. This allows for a maximum of ninety seconds of non-stop water streaming for dental flossing. This adds a convenience factor so you won’t need to stop the flossing process in order to refill the water tank. Start and stop at will with controls built into the handle. When you’re finished, the handle is placed in a secure holder that is reinforced with a built-in magnet that holds it firmly in place when not in use.


The VAVA Counter Top Oral Irrigator is the best water flosser 2018 if you go by consumer ratings. It has been given perfect marks from people who purchased, used and shared their opinions about the quality and usefulness of this device. It has risen to the top of the best water flosser reviews. The unique design with built in safety and convenience features makes it the best portable water flosser to buy for use by the entire family. Color coding on the interchangeable nozzles makes it fast and easy for each member of the family to find the tip that works best for their dental hygiene needs. The large reservoir is leak proof and does not need to be emptied for fear of leakage, unlike some other brands. The Vava Counter Top Oral Irrigator is the best dental water jet for family use.

6. Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser with Six Interchangeable Nozzles, Dental Irrigator with 10 Water Pressure Settings, and a 600ml Capacity

Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser with Six Interchangeable Nozzles, Dental Irrigator with 10 Water Pressure Settings, and a 600ml Capacity


The Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser is a healthy and convenient alternative to string flossing. It gives you the deep cleaning that is needed to help in the preservation of tooth and gum health. Quickly and easily removes potentially harmful food particles and plaque from teeth and below the gum line. This device gives you total control over the amount of pressure that guides the water stream which makes it the best water flosser for sensitive gums and dental work. Battery power adds the convenience of making this your travel companion. It’s easy to take along with you and use wherever you are without the need to find an electrical outlet.



  • The Sterline Counter Top water flosser is the best portable water flosser .
  • The reasonable price makes it the least expensive for the quality and effectiveness.
  • It is a good value for the cost.
  • This unit works very well for cleaning hard to reach places and it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • The power controls help you to control the amount of water pressure which is a plus.
  • The on and off switch is integrated into the pressure controls on the knob.
  • This could be improved by separating the on/off feature as it is awkward to get to quickly.
  • When this device is compared with a Waterpik, there are noticeable differences.
  • The water pressure is not as intense as the Waterpik and the power has to be turned up on high in order to get good results.

Compact size

The Sterline Counter Top water flosser is compact in size which makes it the perfect unit for small bathrooms, dorm rooms and small apartments. It doesn’t take up much counter space and the attractive design blends in well with most bathroom decorating schemes.

Pressure control settings

This device has been built with ten pressure settings which place control of the water intensity at your fingertips. This allows you to select the intensity of the water pressure to get the best results. Turn up the power for hard to reach places and turn it down for sensitive areas or new dental work. The Sterline water flosser allows making the adjustments that work best for your oral hygiene routine.

Effective flossing alternative

String dental floss can be difficult to use and there is always the risk of damaging delicate gum tissue, causing irritation or even bleeding. The Sterlite water flosser takes the risk of damage out of the equation with gentle yet effective cleaning that removes plaque and food particles from on and in between teeth as well as reaching below the gum line.

Easy maintenance and cleanup

Sterline has designed this product to be easy to maintain and keep clean. In order to avoid the development of bacteria or mold, simply remove the water tank when you have finished your oral hygiene routine. Empty any excess water, wipe dry with a clean cloth and replace in the holder. It couldn’t be easier. They’ve also included a handy storage case to keep the nozzles dry and clean when not in use.

Other features

The Sterline water flosser comes with orthodontic tips, three water flossing tips, the jet, the plaque seeker, a covered reservoir and a handy travel bag to store and carry your water flosser with you wherever you go. Every Sterline product gets the attention of being tested individually so you can be assured of the quality. A two-year warranty is issued for each device sold so if there are any defects or issues, you are covered.


The Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser is the best portable water flosser for anyone who is on a budget and is looking for a quality device at a lower price. The small size and travel bag make it easy to pack into luggage and take with you wherever you go. This product would be the best cordless water flosser to take along on camping trips or for other outside activities where there are no electrical power services.

Which is the best water flosser of 2018?

Each of the five water flossers in review are different in some way. In order to provide a variety, the top devices in this class were chosen for your consideration. The reason for this is that everyone is an individual that has different oral hygiene needs and preferences. These are the top water flossers for 2018 in their class. The best water flosser is the one that most closely meets your flossing needs. There are a few things to consider before you make your final choice. Here are some tips to help you find the right water flosser.

Cordless Flosser vs Electric Flosseer

Electric water flossers are great when you are at home or in a location where electrical outlets are easy to access. Anyone who regularly visits places where it's tough to find electricity may want to consider a cordless model such as the Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser. This particular unit operates entirely off of battery power. This makes it the best water flosser for people who enjoy the outdoors or who spend time in remote locations. With this model you will not need to sacrifice the convenience of water flossing to accommodate your lifestyle. If you rarely travel to places without electricity then you may prefer to use an electric water flosser. The benefits of the electric type is that you won't need to hassle with battery replacement.

Size matters

Water flossers come in all sizes. Larger units are made for use with families or for more than one person. Larger water reservoirs take up more counter space. If you have a fair sized bathroom area this may be the best waterpick choice for you. If you are a college student who lives in a dorm room, or if you live in a smaller area, it's probably a good idea to choose a water flosser that is compact in size.

Useful features

Most oral irrigators perform the same basic function of flossing teeth to remove plaque and food debris. There are differences in the features from model to model and it's good to become familiar with how these features may be useful for you. For example, some water flossers are basic and others are designed to provide additional benefits. Those which have pulsing water streams are made to massage the gums in order to stimulate the circulation and improve gum health. This type is recommended for people who have dental implants, braces, bridges and veneers. Some units come with more interchangeable nozzles and tips than others. The greater the variety of tips, the better your choice for finding the most suitable tip to meet your oral hygiene needs. These are the types of things to be aware of when you are looking for the best water flosser.

Finally, if cost is a consideration, there are budget water flossers available. We've included the Sterlite because of its affordability and range of features. You generally get what you pay for, but if cost is a concern, this is one of the best cheap water flossers for 2018.

Finally, if cost is a consideration, there are budget water flossers available. We’ve included the Sterlite because of its affordability and range of features. You generally get what you pay for, but if cost is a concern, this is one of the best cheap water flossers for 2018.

Best water flosser 2018 review results: The final verdict

Here you have the top six best water flossers for 2018 but which one is the best choice? The VAVA Countertop Oral Irrigator has earned the highest consumer ratings . It also offers a wide range of features to make oral hygiene fast and easy. You have full control of the amount of water pressure so you can make adjustments for your cleaning needs. We give this the distinction of being number one in our best water flosser review.

Our second place choice is the Waterpik WP-100W White Ultra Water Flosser . This device is popular for its multiple features and American Dental Association recognition. It has been thoroughly tested and clinically proven to remove up to 99.9 percent of plaque from on and in between teeth. This is an impressive record that has been substantiated. Waterpik products have gone through rigorous testing processes and have achieved high ranking. This is an advantage of going with Waterpik products over those which have not undergone this type of testing. Confirmation of effectiveness gives you greater peace of mind that the oral health of you and your family is being protected by the best products. An additional benefit of this device is that it is not as noisy as most of the other water flossers when in operation.

Coming in third place is the Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Pearly Black, WP-672. Consumers gave this unit a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. The pulsating water stream function is among the most desireable features because it lends the added gum health support of gently massaging delicate tissue in the mouth and promoting better circulation. Consumers appreciate this added benefit and give it high marks for being easy to use, compact in size so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and for its effectiveness in removing plaque and leaving the mouth feeling clean and fresh. It is reasonably priced and is considered to be a very good value for all of the useful features that come along with it.

Our fourth pick for best water flosser of the year is the Waterpik WP-950 Complete Care 7.0 Water Flosser and Sonic Tooth Brush. Consumer reviews give this device a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. The combination of a sonic toothbrush and effective water flosser is a winning combination. The design of this unit makes it fairly compact although it is not the smallest unit available. American Dental Association recognition is another benefit that helps to boost consumer confidence in the value of the product for promoting good oral hygiene and dental health. It has been rated as 99.9 percent effective in removing plaque from the surface and in between teeth. Ten adjustable power levels give users total control over the intensity of the water pressure that is available so there is enough torque to clean hard to reach areas, yet more gentle streams available for use on more sensitive areas of the mouth.

The choice for fifth place in the best water flosser reviews 2018 is the Sterlite Counter Top water flosser. Although consumer ratings give this a low rating, this is still a high rating that is well above average. This unit is unique from the others in that it offers the convenience of being battery operated. This makes it the best water flosser for taking with you when on the go. It comes with a handy travel back that can be easily packed away when not in use. It is also among the most compact in size so it doesn’t take up much room.


These are the top six best water flossers for 2018. They are the most highly rated in their respective classes to give you a wide selection of units to choose from. In your search to find the best water flosser, keep in mind that what is right for one person may not be the better choice for another. By choosing the one that most closely meets your oral hygiene, budget and lifestyle needs, you will be getting the best water flosser.